TrueRice Straight From The Farm

At TrueRice, we understand the importance of going direct to the source. We connect directly with rice farms and rice mills around the world, in order to bring you the highest quality rice on earth.

We work with farmers throughout the world and import the purest, best-tasting rice directly to our warehouse in Manchester.

Because we go to the source and ship your rice to your door, we’re able to provide you with the best rice on earth at reasonable prices. 

Why Sustainable Packaging Matters

Our TrueRice philosophy is to honour the importance of taking care of our food, ourselves, and our planet. That’s why we chose to become a sustainable brand.

TrueRice Stories

How to Master Cooking Rice in a Saucepan

Rice is deceptively simple to prepare, but the smallest adjustments mean the difference between mediocre and amazing rice. Today, we’ll help you master two easy techniques so your rice will turn out perfectly delicious every time.

How to Wash Rice

Washing your rice before cooking is a simple but important step to ensure you get the best quality results every time. Here are our favourite tips for washing your rice.

The Right Amount of Rice Per Person

Rice is a simple and nutritious staple food that humans have cultivated for thousands of years. It’s also the most consumed food on earth.

Structure of a Rice Plant

Rice belongs to the family of cereals, just like oats, corn, millet, wheat, barley, and similar grains. Rice looks much like these grains, but its unique adaption is that it can be cultivated in floodplains where most grains would perish.
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