How did we come up with the idea for TrueRice?

In the past, it has been difficult to find rice that fit with the farm-to-table model we advocate. We decided to make it happen ourselves, so that you can enjoy the best-tasting rice from quality farms around the world.


What is our mission?

Our mission is to bring you the best rice on earth. This means finding the highest quality farms and mills around the world, bringing their rice directly to our warehouse, and carefully packaging it ourselves with sustainable materials.


What makes our rice so special?

Quality rice is truly difficult to find. Rice at the supermarket is often low quality, and lacks the nuances of flavour, texture, and aroma found in truly good rice.

We go directly to rice farms and rice mills throughout the world to bring you varieties of rice that are unique and flavourful, grown in the proper regions to ensure the best result.


Is our rice organic?

Our rice is grown with organic and sustainable practices that not only produce the best quality rice, but are also environmentally-friendly and best for your health.


Why do I need to wash the rice before cooking?

Rice is a natural product and needs to be washed before it’s cooked. While our rice is grown with healthy, organic farming practices, there still may naturally occurring debris that should be rinsed away before cooking.

Washing your rice before cooking also removes any surface starches that cause the rice to become sticky or gummy when cooked.

We generally recommend gently rinsing your rice 2-3 times before cooking.

There are certain varieties of rice that should not be washed. These include sushi, paella, milk, and Risotto rice. However, if it gives you peace of mind, feel free to rinse them once.