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Straight From The Farm

At TrueRice, we understand the importance of going direct to the source. We connect directly with rice farms and rice mills around the world, in order to bring you the highest quality rice on earth.

We know that your priority is to feed your family only the best. We work with farmers throughout the world and import the purest, best-tasting rice directly to our warehouse in Manchester.

Then we package the rice ourselves, and when you place your order on our website, we ship it straight to your home.

Because we go to the source and ship your rice to your door, we’re able to provide you with the best rice on earth at reasonable prices. There is no unnecessary intermediate trade to add to the cost or compromise the quality of your rice.

Did You Know?

... there are more than 100,000 unique varieties of rice in the world? However, only a tiny fraction of these varieties are available in the UK – and often they aren’t even the good ones!

... commercial rice is often low-quality or mixed with low-quality rice? Just because a package of rice is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high quality. Often good rice is cut with cheap rice in order to increase profits.

... we can tell you exactly where your rice comes from? Try to find the farm where the rice at the grocer’s is from – you can’t! We can tell you the exact farm and mill that supplies your rice. We’ve done the work of sourcing the highest quality, best-tasting rice in the world – so you don’t have to.

... each variety of rice has an optimal growth habitat? Certain varieties of rice grow best under specific regional conditions natural to the area. For instance, Basmati rice is from the Indian/Pakistani Himalaya, and Carnaroli rice is from Pidemont, Italy.
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Our Promise to You

If you are used to shopping at the supermarket for rice, then it may seem like all types of rice are the same. You may be surprised to learn that rice is actually more like a quality tea or wine. There is a rich variety of types of rice, each one with a unique texture, flavour and aroma.

Growing practices and regional conditions also affect the quality of your rice. We promise to only source the very best rice. This means our rice is produced with organic and sustainable growing practices. You can rest easy knowing that your rice is the healthiest for your family and for the environment.

At TrueRice, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality rice and the best customer experience imaginable. You can truly taste the difference.
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